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Is completing legal documents (from template) considered practicing law?
The definition of Unauthorized Practice of Law (UPL) varies by state. It may be defined by rule, statute or court ruling. Some states have no definition and decide on a case by case basis.For Oklahoma, there is an article on UPL from the OK Bar Journal at Bar Journal.It includes one definition as “The preparation for a money consideration of legal instruments to be shaped from a mass of facts and conditions involving the application of intricate principles of law which can only be applied by a mind trained in existing laws in order to insure a specific result and to guard against other undesirable results comes within the term “practice of law.”I wrote an article in my Colorado Notary Blog that summarizes the definition of the practice of law for all states at Practice of Law, State Definitions - Colorado Notary BlogDisclaimer: I am not an attorney and this information is not legal advice.
What isn't a crime but should be?
Indians, behold!The room was filled with an air of suspense and excitement.The woman lay there, with pain in every contraction, that overwhelmed every cell of her body. In the midst of unbearable pain, she could not hear herself scream.Everyone could feel the agony in her scream. It was as if every bone of her body conspired to strangulate her.She prayed to God to help her zoom into the next five minutes. She felt trapped in the confinement of pain.“Push, push!” the midwife shouted. The embattled mother did, as mightily as she could.With an unspeakable pain glittering in her eyes, she groaned as she gave the final push. Now, she was asked to stop.The little sunshine stretched and slid into the hands of the midwife. The mother beamed with relief and unfathomable delight.My little sunshine is here! An enviably beautiful girl has just been born!The father who has been anxious until now bursts into tears of relief and joy. He jumps in awkward patterns. He hugs people in random. He just becomes a boy.The little bundle of joy is just minutes into the new world and the tiny speck-like eyes roll around. Curiosity lingers in the fun-sized face.A million questions surface in her eyes. Her hands and legs wriggling in an unmethodical manner.The mother looks at the life she has brought into the world. She never thought a sunshine could be this beautiful. She never thought her little angel could be this delightful.Pause.She thinks of the cruel world that awaits outside. She dreads the clan of men who would crave her body.She shudders. She decides to safeguard her little bundle of joy. “I would not let anyone harm my darling,” she promises herself.Years go by. The little darling grows up. She is raised fearfully and wonderfully.Do not talk to men. You will not have male friends. Men are animals. Men rape. Do not trust men. You will not study in co-education schools. Watch the length of your skirt.The mother bleeds love. She expresses her love for her daughter in the ways she thinks are the best.The little girl grows up as mama’s girl. She leads a clean life. She stays away from men. The very presence of men makes her shy away from the place. She never looks into the eyes of men.She gets to be known as the girl of character.Teen years whirl by.Years later, the mother asks the daughter to marry someone she never knew.‘But momma, I do not even know him,” the curious daughter questions her mom.“You will do what I say. You will not fall in love with anyone. Remember what I have told about men? They are beasts,” the mother convinces the daughter.Maybe mom is right, the daughter believes.The wedding bells ring.Days later, the mother asks “When will you get pregnant?”The girl who has been raised all her life with warnings about men and been strictly kept away from men is required to sleep with a stranger, in blunt terms.Women are cast into nothingness by the very arm that scooped them with love!Forced-arranged marriages are a crime.
What is the process to obtain a custody verdict (father outside USA) from snohomish County district court in Washington State?
As Niaill pointed out, you will need an attorney to get this done. There are multiple steps involved, and you need to get them done properly, and in the right order. If you skip a step, you would end up having to start all over.
Is there an appeal process in Washington State family court?
I don't practise in Washington—in fact I've never been there.  But there is an appeal process for any court in the United States.  The court in which your matter is originally heard is the trial court, and there will be a process for appeal as of right.  (There are special rules for appealing small claims, but family cases can't be heard in small-claim courts.)  Each state has a state Supreme Court—Maryland's and New York's highest courts are called the "Court of Appeals" but it's the same—and most of them have intermediate-level courts who hear appeals of right.  In the few states where there is no intermediate court of appeals, the state supreme court hears appeals as of right.After your appeal as of right is heard, there may be a process for discretionary appeal with the state supreme court (if the intermediate appellate court heard the case) or in truly extraordinary circumstances, if someone can allege that a construction of the U.S. Constitution is somehow necessary to decide the case, you can file a petition for certiorari in the United States Supreme Court after exhaustion of all state-level appeals, but generally there is no jurisdiction in federal courts over family law matters.  I am aware of only one case the U.S.S.Ct. has ever heard on a family law decision—it did come out of Washington, though.  Troxel v. Granville, 530 U.S. 57 (2022).Appeals are always heard on the record below—in other words, the appeals court isn't interested in hearing new evidence, but it will consider, on the evidence that was presented, whether the trial court made a mistake.  In order to prosecute an appeal, you have to timely file it, comply with the rules of appellate procedure applicable relating to transmission of the record, obtain transcripts, and write a brief in support of your appeal explaining how the trial court got it wrong.In general, family law appeals are not often successful, because by and large they require a fair amount of discretion and weighing of evidence on the part of the trial judge, and the appeals courts take the position that "Judge So-and-so got to observe the demeanor of the witnesses, so we will not disturb her credibility findings."Looking at the Washington State Court system website, I learn that family cases (except for PFA orders) are heard in their Superior Court.Washington State Courts - ResourcesAppeals from the Superior Court are taken to the Court of Appeals.  The Rules of Appellate Procedure can be found on this page: Washington State Courts - Court Rules.  If there is an issue of peculiar interest in the case, the state Supreme Court can allow discretionary review.
How do you feel about the Washington Supreme Court outlawing the death penalty in the state for good?
Wow. Thanks for the news. Apart from the grounds that the Court’s decision cited, there are many other reasons to end the death penalty there and elsewhereFirst, the worst mistakes in the death penalty system are irreversible. No matter how hard we try, the risk of executing an innocent person continues. In the US, 162 wrongly convicted people who were sentenced to death have been exonerated., with just 20 exonerations based substantially on DNA evidence. Some believe that DNA can prevent executions of innocent people but it’s rarely available in homicides, often irrelevant and can’t give us the guarantee we want. Many other forensic methods have been found wanting, either because of flawed science or laboratory mistakes or both.The death penalty costs far more than life in prison, with the largest costs upfront, and apply whether or not a defendant is convicted, let alone sentenced to death. Cases usually take over a year to come to trial. Jurors must be “death qualified” and choosing them takes much longer than in other cases. Unlike non death penalty trials, a death penalty trial involves evidence about the defendant’s entire life, character and mental health- not just the actual crime. Jurors have to predict the future dangerousness of a convicted defendant. Hardly any defendant facing a possible death sentence can afford a qualified attorney, and counties must pay for them. Death penalty trials can last four times longer than other trials.The death penalty is no more effective in deterring future murders than life sentences. Homicide rates are higher in states that use the death penalty. More and more people working in the criminal justice field acknowledge that, for someone without a conscience, the best deterrent is the fear of being caught and that few such individuals pay attention to other consequences.The death penalty is arbitrary, in the sense that factors unrelated to the actual crime come into play. Prosecutors have enormous discretion about whether to seek it. Local politics play a role. The death penalty doesn’t apply to the worst crimes, but to defendants with the worst lawyers.A better option for the worst crimes is life without parole. Life without parole, on the books in most states, also prevents reoffending. It means what it says, and spending the rest of your life locked up, knowing you’ll never be free, is no picnic. It has two big advantages: -an innocent person serving life can be released from prison and -life without parole costs less than the death penaltyFamilies of murder victims differ in their views of the death penalty. But, like no other punishment, the death penalty subjects them to a process which makes healing even harder. Even families who have supported it in principle have testified to the protracted and unavoidable damage that the death penalty process does to families like theirs and that life without parole is an appropriate alternative.The death penalty may serve revenge and retribution, the only plausible (though not defensible) reasons to support it.For much more information, take a look at Death Penalty Information Center.
If you had an infinite amount of money to build an ideal high school, how would you build it?
I have been waiting for this question for so long. You all think far too small.Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Michael Faraday Academy of Science!The Faraday Academy is an elite private boarding school for dreamers, intellectuals, and world-changers. It is located high in the mountains of Italy.Our proud motto: sic itur ad astra.In English, “thus one journeys to the stars”.CurriculumAt the Faraday Academy, we do not conform to the regressive standards set by bureaucratic politicians. Our teachers are renowned professors from around the world, teaching academic-level material.While the Faraday Academy is intended for high-school-aged students, we do not teach high-school material. Rather, we teach for degree credit. Some students complete their bachelors degree while still in high school, others have a head start when they go off to college and university.All our programs are original academic courses created by professors specifically for the Faraday Academy.Daily StructureStudents may choose as many courses as they think they can complete, though there is a minimum amount one must choose.Hours are determined by the courses one chooses.Campus BuildingsThe Freeman Dyson School of Physics - Here, the greatest minds in the world have come to teach the next generation about the fundamental laws of our universe.The Wolfgang Pauli Linear Accelerator - A top-notch atom smasher built by some of the greatest nuclear engineers on the planet. Part of the Dyson School.The Robert Lanza Biological Laboratory - Named after Robert Lanza the scientist, not Adam Lanza the serial killer! Features cutting-edge gene splicing tools and equipment. Possibly the source of the glow-in-the-dark squirrels that roam the school grounds.The Antoine Lavoisier Center for Chemistry - Run by a legendary Nobel Laureate, this institution is recognized as having some of the best teachers in the world.The Fritz Zwicky Astronomical Observatory - Featuring one of the largest telescopes in Europe.The Emmy Noether School of Mathematical Sciences - For those of us for whom math is not a chore but a passion. Students here have already discovered several important new theorems.The Marvin Minsky Center for Computer Science and Robotics - Featuring “Turing’s Ghost”, the most powerful supercomputer outside of the US or China, and a robotics laboratory which does not pursue competitions such as FIRST, but rather focuses on machine learning and kinematics.The Gustav Eiffel Engineering Facility - From rockets to buildings, anything is possible here.The Spinoza Philosophical School - Ethics, religion, morality, science, knowledge, and everything in between.SpaceportThe Michael Collins International Spaceport is regarded by many as one of the highlights of the school. Every student is guaranteed a personal suborbital spaceflight aboard an XCOR Lynx (with an experiment of his choice) at least once during his time at the school.Dormitory and AmentiesThe school has several world-class restaurants, with food from all over the globe. We also have a library, theatre, art gallery, and concert hall. There is a pluralistic temple as well, for religious students.The dormitories are beautiful and clean. Each student has a personal room, with a comfortable bed, a bathroom and shower, a work-desk, and a high-end computer setup.ArchitectureThe Michael Faraday Academy of Science was designed by the greatest architects available. We blend a variety of styles, including:Gothic RevivalNeo-FuturisticIndustrialAdmissions and RecruitmentOur school teaches students aged 14–18.Here at the Michael Faraday Academy, we have three criteria for acceptance:Intelligence: We want only the brightest. For this, we have devised the Faraday Mind Metric, a unique test designed to isolate those who have potential but have not necessarily achieved it. This helps assess students from impoverished countries, or students who are unable, for one reason or another, to express themselves intellectually.Passionate Optimism: A love of the future, progress, and human advancement, and a tangible desire to work hard to ensure a better future for humanity.Achievement: This can be in the form of excellent grades, self-studying, prior acceptance into exclusive programs, a dedication to scientific hobbies, exceptional knowledge of certain topics, etc. An applicant must choose only one of these, though.Additionally, we search for the following personality traits in our prospective students:Appreciation for history, culture, fine art, and music.Desire to put intellectual pursuits ahead of materialistic or hedonistic desires.Politeness, courteousness, and graciousness.Revolutionary thinking beyond limits, far ahead of the curve, with no respect for the established status quo.While students from wealthy countries can usually apply and go through a straightforward admission process, we also have recruitment offices, where dedicated educators search for students in war-torn, ravaged, and poor countries who have the potential to positively affect the human future.RulesWe do not permit wild parties, raucous music, or generally unprofessional behavior.All students must either wear dress clothing (suits or buttoned shirts), work clothing (lab coats, engineer aprons), or the school uniform within the main school buildings. Free dress is permitted within the dormitories and around the general grounds. The school uniform has been crafted by top fashion designers from around the world.CostsAll fees, including tuition, spaceflight, food, and dorms are free for the students, and completely covered by the Infinity Fund, part of the nonprofit organization that established the school.
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